46: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration: Eradicating Human Trafficking Together with Safe House Project

Human trafficking is one of the hardest issues facing our world today. It’s challenging. It’s heartbreaking.

And the details of what survivors are going through will truly eat at your core.

We’re talking to Brittany Dunn, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Safe House Project, an organization that’s going to give you hope about this issue, give you the tools that you need to lead and respond to this.

Whether you are a teacher, an educator, a healthcare worker, or a citizen, there is a way that you can help respond.

Brittany’s family is deeply entwined in the military: her stories on their military background and her background leading this organization will inspire you.

We want you to find hope as we talk about trafficking in the US, how big the issue is, how you can respond, and how you can lead and build trust every day.

Show Outline

  • 01:14 – The beginning of the journey with Safehouse Project
  • 03:20 – Building trust and finding balance
  • 06:29 – Applying military principles to leadership
  • 07:42 – Building Cross-Functional Teams and Extreme Ownership
  • 08:40 – Resilience and Balancing Push and Rest
  • 11:11 – Successes and Stories of Survivors
  • 15:16 – Increasing Survivor Identification and Emergency Support Services
  • 16:23 – Increasing Safehouse Capacity and Legislative Change
  • 18:26 – Resources and Training for Awareness and Prevention
  • 23:32 – Continual Learning and Staff Feedback
  • 24:04 – Personal Leadership Journey
  • 26:45 – Leading a Coalition to Eradicate Trafficking


  • “The greatest parts of my life have been those that I can’t plan.”
  • “Every time a single survivor chooses to exit, chooses to trust us, chooses to make that brave, brave step, there’s nothing greater.”
  • “There’s such a great opportunity for healthcare leaders, for educators, for any citizen to pay attention, to know the signs and what’s going on, and make a difference and truly make an impact.”
  • “This work is hard, but it is beautiful, and it’s in all of the mess that so much beauty is created.”

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