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Allies build bridges.

Our Ally Channel invites guests to conversations about how to build bridges to connect, relate, and discover the stories of those around us.

57: Breaking Cultural Barriers: Unleashing the Power of Diversity with Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn

After we finished recording, I told Sarah she is one of the most humble yet smartest people I know. Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn has a PhD and decades of experience...

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55: Bridging the Gap: Asian Leaders in Western Workplaces [ALLYSHIP CHANNEL]

Jim H. Lee and Aaron Lee talk about the cultural challenges that Asian employees face when working in Western workplaces. Drawing from personal experiences, they highlight how crucial it...

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52: Unleashing the true potential of allyship: building bridges in the 21st century

Co-host Jim H. Lee joined Aaron to discuss their experiences growing up in the United States and the cultural differences they encountered. Jim is Korean-American, Aaron is white. They...

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34: Asian Leadership Ally

Our episode recaps focus on Aaron’s reflections from this week’s episode. In this recap, Aaron gives more background on his own call to be an Asian Leadership Ally and...

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34: Breaking Through the Asian Leadership Ceiling

Understanding the perspectives of others is key to breaking through the Asian Leadership Ceiling. Jim H. Lee, founder of B-SPOKE, highlights their unique coaching platform and offers insights on...

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