57: Breaking Cultural Barriers: Unleashing the Power of Diversity with Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn

After we finished recording, I told Sarah she is one of the most humble yet smartest people I know.

Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn has a PhD and decades of experience teaching and coaching teachers. Now, she brings this conversation about her background, her unique life story and experience with a mom who is Asian, a dad who is white American, and the intersection of those worlds.

In her upbringing, she lived and traveled around the world. The cultural differences that she watched and experienced gave her an opportunity to see the world, relationships, and people for who they are.

She grew to celebrate each person, and to elevate their unique, distinct differences. It’s not a win-loss, zero-sum game. There’s an opportunity for all of us to truly hear the stories of the people around us.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today with Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn.

Show Outline

  • 1:14 – Understanding Cultural Differences
  • 2:41 – Recognizing Value Judgments
  • 8:23 – Effective Communication in Diverse Settings
  • 9:59 – The importance of proactive thinking and equitable voices
  • 12:59 – Recognizing the need to break our brains for adaptation
  • 18:05 – Recognizing and embracing cultural differences
  • 20:37 – The importance of diversity for business success
  • 21:30 – Creating a culture of trust and healthy conflict
  • 22:11 – Navigating cultural differences in the deep south
  • 30:51 – The importance of being proud of oneself
  • 31:55 – The power of storytelling for children
  • 39:32 – Recognizing and challenging value judgments

Quotes from the Show

  • 38:52 – “I wish I had learned that every time you really think you’re hitting a wall is when something truly transformative can happen if you’re willing to let it.”
  • 6:11 – “That feeling is often a good cue that there’s some kind of judgmental thought going along.”

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