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62: Get Your Laundry Done: Building a Business Around Our Least Favorite Chore with Dan Feliciano

Name something 70% of us have in common. There aren’t many things, but our common dislike of doing laundry is one of them. Founder Dan Feliciano and his team put together a gameplan, finding a mutual win-win between busy families looking to take back...

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61: Finding Inspiration Through Continuous Curiosity with Karen Brown

Karen Brown keeps reinventing herself by using a “spark of inspiration”. Do you know anyone else who has competed in the Ironman, taken on 60’s and 70’s rock on the electric guitar, and transferred that success to their work? Karen employs scientifically-based methods to...

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60: Navigating Cultural Identity: Building Bridges in the Middle School Years

Two fathers reflect on their experiences navigating cultural identity and relationships in middle school. Jim and Aaron discuss the challenges of feeling excluded due to cultural differences and share strategies for building understanding across diverse communities. Listeners will learn practical tips for cultivating curiosity,...

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59: Building Positive Work with Dr. Joey Faucette

What if you could increase revenue and productivity with positivity? Positive culture architect Dr. Joey Faucette joins us to dive into the 5 core practices of positive culture. You’ll walk out of today’s episode ready to bring positive culture to life in your workplace....

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58: Leading with Clear Expectations

It’s easy for expectations to get lost. Expectations are important. We all have them, we all need them. We can take our expectations to a new level on our way to building high-performing teams. And we can become leaders people want to follow when...

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57: Breaking Cultural Barriers: Unleashing the Power of Diversity with Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn

After we finished recording, I told Sarah she is one of the most humble yet smartest people I know. Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn has a PhD and decades of experience teaching and coaching teachers. Now, she brings this conversation about her background, her unique life...

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