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67: Creativty, Collaboration, and Story:

Jeff is an incredible dad, a great guy to coach basketball with, and now a published author. He’s wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign for his new book, A Buffalo Out of Water. And now it’s time to share the story with the world....

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66: Leading Through Change: A Conversation on Transformation with Chris Barras

Navigating change is not a choice; it’s all around us. Chris Barras joins the show to discuss transformation at both personal and community levels as we experience change. Chris’ experiences in Richmond come from observing transformation over the past 18 years. Watching communities change...

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65: From Immigrant Roots to Public Health and Politics with Dr. Danny Avula

Dr. Danny Avula shares his inspiring leadership journey from his roots as an immigrant child from India to top roles in public health and social services in Virginia. Danny dives into how experiences like moving to an underserved community influenced his approach to serving...

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64: Lessons from Sports Leadership with Greg Burton

Dive into Greg Burton’s journey in sports leadership, revealing key traits of effective leaders and the impact of VCU’s Center for Sports Leadership. Why it matters: Burton’s insights offer a unique perspective on leadership, emphasizing authenticity, resilience, and the power of empowering others, alongside the...

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63: Finding Your Summit: Using Adventure to Achieve Your Goals with Dr. Jennie Draper

Have you ever wondered what it takes to lead others to the top of the world’s highest peaks? Dr. Jennie Draper, an OBGYN and adventurer, has summited Mount Everest base camp, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and embarked on adventure around the globe. She shares invaluable...

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62: Get Your Laundry Done: Building a Business Around Our Least Favorite Chore with Dan Feliciano

Name something 70% of us have in common. There aren’t many things, but our common dislike of doing laundry is one of them. Founder Dan Feliciano and his team put together a gameplan, finding a mutual win-win between busy families looking to take back...

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