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51: Effective Communication for Healthcare Leaders with Becky Wolfe

Ever been frustrated with your healthcare experience? Every conversation I have with Becky Wolfe gives me hope for the future of what is happening in health care. Becky’s work as a health care practitioner turned leadership coach and consultant is inspirational. She gives me...

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50: Mindset and Performance for Athletes + Leaders with Kevin DeShazo

Kevin DeShazo on social media will undoubtedly encourage you, equip you, and give you insights on leadership. As Kevin talks about in this episode, he has been diving into mindset and the power of how your mind can go to work for you. Kevin’s...

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49: The Road to Division 1: Coach Grant Leonard’s Blueprint for a Champion Program

What happens when you take one of the winningest Division 2 men’s basketball programs, promote your assistant coach to head coach to replace a retiring legend, and move to Division 1 all in the same off-season. In the case of Queens University men’s basketball,...

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48: From High School to High Profits: Ava Juergens and the entrepreneurial journey

Ava Juergens is an incredible, trailblazing entrepreneur. She started real estate investing at 15 while still in high school and founded an investment company, achieving a staggering $900,000 in assets. By the time she finished her junior year and graduated high school. Then driven...

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47: Lasso Leadership Playbook: Lessons from the Sewer

Before being nominated for 61 Primetime Emmy Awards. Ted Lasso was a short, silly sketch created by Jason Sudeikis for NBC Sports. What can an American football coach teach us about leadership through a British football, i.e., a soccer club? Well, it turns out...

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46: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration: Eradicating Human Trafficking Together with Safe House Project

Human trafficking is one of the hardest issues facing our world today. It’s challenging. It’s heartbreaking. And the details of what survivors are going through will truly eat at your core. We’re talking to Brittany Dunn, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Safe...

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