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45: Buillding a Positive Team Culture with Coach Tim Taylor

From middle school principal to college basketball coach, Coach Tim Taylor’s experiences shape how he leads the women’s basketball program at the US Naval Academy. Coach Taylor brings key lessons that have shaped his approach to leadership and discusses the importance of focusing on...

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44: Building Brands and Careers for Athletes: The Transformative Power of Athletics with Ryan Schachtner

Ryan’s journey took a turn when a career-ending injury shattered his dreams of playing professional baseball. But instead of giving up, he pivoted and started a financial planning firm specializing in helping professional athletes with their financial challenges. Now, he’s extending his expertise to...

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43: Navigating the New Era of College Athletics with Coach Sean O’Regan

Picture this: you’re a leader navigating the ever-changing world of college athletics. How do you set down roots in a community and build a successful program? Coach Sean O’Regan, head women’s basketball coach at James Madison University, has the answer. In this episode, Coach...

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42: Learning to Lead and Win in the Digital World

If ChatGPT has reminded us of anything, it’s this: the world will never be the same. And if the world’s changing, shouldn’t our leadership look different too? Today we dive into Learning to Lead and Win in the Digital World, taking a look at...

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41: Leadercast 2023: Human Intelligence

The New Generation Leader podcast hosts a live recording in front of the Leadercast Richmond audience. The panelists, Steve Perky, Bryan Berry, and Jerry Howard, discuss the impact of the digital age on leadership and stress the importance of human intelligence and connection in...

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40: Reaching Your Goals: Navigating the Challenges of Modern Life with Ashlee Livingstone

How do we get back to the core of who we are? Can we figure out our own personal goals, ambitions, and prioritize those in a way that maybe they actually come to fruition? Ashlee Livingstone is back from Episode 27 from Our Forte...

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