62: Get Your Laundry Done: Building a Business Around Our Least Favorite Chore with Dan Feliciano

Name something 70% of us have in common.

There aren’t many things, but our common dislike of doing laundry is one of them.

Founder Dan Feliciano and his team put together a gameplan, finding a mutual win-win between busy families looking to take back time, workers in the gig economy who don’t mind doing laundry and have extra capacity in their washer and dryer, and they built Clotheslyne.

Dan and I walked down memory lane in his career to insightful lessons from his decade in the Marines, his work in the oil industry, and how that experience and his family helped connect the dots to form Clotheslyne.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to do your laundry for you, Dan is your guy.

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“Everybody in the Marine Corps supports the grunt on the front line.” – Dan Feliciano, on the leadership posture he learned in the Marines

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