27: New Year, New Leadership: Setting Goals and Priorities for the Future

A new year, new possibilities. What we can do and accomplish this year? How we can prioritize, clarify, and set goals?

Ashlee Livingstone is a combination of energy, creativity, and passion. She’s known for her original ideas executed with a thoughtful logistical approach helping her bring out the best in every undertaking.

Let’s build your best year yet.

Show Outline

  • 1:19 – Finding the life you want now
  • 3:41 – Time is one of those things that everyone thinks they don’t have
  • 6:56 – How do you help people find a new normal in a new year?
  • 10:32 – How do we make up for time that we lost?
  • 12:50 – We spend so much time wanting the instant gratification.
  • 17:18 – The importance of having someone check in with you and your business.
  • 19:00 – The story of fear of failure and competition.
  • 23:03 – How to get more connected with the people that matter to you.
  • 24:59 – How to know when to say no to things that don’t match your priorities.